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Conventional Products & Systems
Control Panels
The ZETTLER range of conventional fire detection control panels are designed to be both installer and user friendly. A high degree of flexibility and programmability allows the systems to be customised for a wide range of applications, without the need for any configuration software.
Detectors, Bases & Ancillaries
The ZETTLER range of conventional detectors, although not as intelligent as the addressable equivalents, employ similar excellent detection and anti-false alarm features. The range includes multi-sensors, optical/heat and CO/heat as well as fixed temperature heat and infra-red flame detectors.
The ZETTLER range of callpoints includes both indoor and outdoor models. Callpoints can be flush or surface mounted thanks to a selection of back boxes and bezels. Anti-tamper devices are also available, making it more resilient to accidental or malicious activations.
Bells, Sounders & Beacons
A wide range of bells, electronic sounders and beacons for use with ZETTLER fire detection systems.



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