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MZX Control Panel Ancillaries
. ANN820 Annunciator Module
The ANN820 is ideal for use as a status module/display for sprinkler panels according to the EN 12845: 2004 A2:2009 standard, but has many other potential applications such as fire damper and fire door status monitoring.
. ANN840 Annunciator Module
The ANN840 is a standard LED annunciator user interface module which can be driven from an OCM800 or an MPM800.
. ANN880 Annunciator Module
The ANN880 is a standard LED annunciator user interface module, which can be driven from an OCM800 or an MPM800.
APM800 Addressable Power Supply Monitor
The APM800 is an MZX addressable power supply monitoring module which is usually used with the PSM800 power supply module to make an addressable power supply.
COM820 Command Status Module
The COM820 is a standard user interface module, which can be driven from an OCM800 or an MPM800. The MPM800 can be mounted remotely or “piggy-backed” on the COM820. The COM820 has removable legends for 20 status command functions.
FB800 Fuse Board
The FB800 fuse board provides terminations for 15 fused 24Vdc output spurs from a single 24V d.c. input. The FB800 is designed to be normally mounted on the PSU830 power supply.
FIM800 Field Interface Module
The Field Interface Module FIM is the main interface for field wiring on MZX detection panels and contains plug-in field wiring terminals, inter board connectors, EMC protectors and filters and general I/O electronics. The FIM801and FIM801CV provides 1 x MZX DIGITAL loop and the FIM802 provides 2 x MZX DIGITAL loops.
IOB800 Input/Output Expansion Board
The IOB800 is an LPCB & Vds approved board that provides 8 opto-isolated digital inputs and 8 x 24V d.c. relay outputs for providing I/O expansion capabilities to MZX detection panels for interfacing to other subsystems and signalling devices.
MPM800 Multi-Purpose Interface Module
The MPM800 is used to provide various expansion capabilities via the remote bus (RBUS). The MPM800 is provided as a standalone module but is also incorporated into the circuitry of the OCM800 operator control module to drive the LCD display, LEDs, keyswitch and keys on the OCM800 and the operator display module.
PRN800 Printer Kit
The PRN800 Printer Kit is designed for use with the designer range of MZX Controllers (ZX1 and ZX).
XIOM800 Expansion Input Output Module
The XIOM800 allows the MZX to monitor plant (digital inputs), drive mimic displays or drive relays, typically as part of an integrated building management system.
XLM800 Loop Expansion Module
The XLM800 Loop Expansion Module controls the communications between the detectors (and other ancillaries) connected on the 2-wire loop circuits and the controller.



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