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TrueInsight - Fire Detection Monitoring  

The primary use of a fire detection system is the protection of life, i.e. to evacuate the building and then notify of a fire as quickly and effectively as possible. 

Currently less than 10% of the Fire Systems we install and maintain are connected to our Customer Service Centre (CSC) monitoring station. Of those that are, there is usually a simple Fire / Fault transmission – often using an existing signalling system. 

Widespread differences in the local Fire Service response policies (due to unwanted false alarms) mean that the likelihood of an actual attendance to an Automatic Fire Detection activation is becoming increasingly less likely, as many Fire Services will not attend unless the site has manually confirmed that there is a fire.

The security industry took radical action against unwanted / false alarms utilising technology for sequential and confirmed signalling many years ago to save on Police attendance. TrueInsight is the evolution of applying this approach to the Fire Detection market sector.

TrueInsight Solution

The project aim is two-fold:

  • To provide a solution to our customers that, using technology, will provide a much greater chance of a Fire Service response to an Automatic Fire Detection activation
  • To leverage our position in the market as a unique supplier of this technology and sign up customers to signalling using TrueInsight, therefore improving our Annual Maintenance Revenue attach rates (improving our service revenue)

Our TrueInsight solution provides: 

  • Automatic Alarm Confirmed Signalling
  • Enhanced remote support
  • Capturing of all Fire Alarm Panel Site Data

RS800-IP Module
To view information on the RS800-IP/GPRS IP Communication Module, please click on the button below:

Our solution works by providing verification of an actual alarm by transmitting significant additional signals such as confirmed fire, break glass call-point activated, intruder system set, together with the full fire alarm event history log via dual path monitored signalling.

The Benefits for our Customers:

Through the offer of increased Fire System Monitoring and Signalling we will deliver the following to our customers:

  • Give Fire Brigades the confidence that a real fire has occurred through verified technology
  • Test Function - No need to contact the ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) to place system on test, meaning the customer can do this whenever they like
  • Reduction in disruptive and costly false and unwanted alarms. (Due to false alarms and the cost to service, Fire Brigades have increasingly refused to attend alarms passed to them from the ARC.   Recent changes have empowered the Fire Brigades to charge for false calls to systems - up to £400 per false alarm)
  • Rapid fault resolution and increased first time fix by utilising RESOLVE
  • All data is recorded within the Customer Service Centre, so customers will have historic records of system activity

Watch our TrueInsight videos here:

RS800-IP/GPRS IP Communication Module Information and Engineering Documents


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Johnson Controls is dedicated to advancing fire safety and security by finding innovative ways to save lives, improve businesses and protect people where they live and work.


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