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Callpoint Stoppers

The callpoint STOPPER provides protection from malicious or accidental activation of manual callpoints.

Available for flush or surface mounted callpoints the ‘STOPPER’ is also available with optional high pitch sounder which is activated when the lid is lifted.

An optional ‘Break-Seal’ fitting kit allows ‘Break- Seals’ to be used to provide extra protection.

WARNING:- Break seals only to be fitted by agreement with relevant fire authorities.

The STOPPER is suitable for all callpoints up to 100mm square, including CP820, CP920, CP200 and other indoor KAC style callpoints.

The old standard STOPPER device is currently being phased out, but the new Universal STOPPER STI-13020FR has the following improved features:

  • Protective UV-stabilised polycarbonate cover
  • Flush mount
  • 96dB Deterrent Alarm
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
  • 3 year guarantee against breakage in normal use
  • Available with or without a 96 dB integral sounder, powered by a 9V PP3 battery. The sounder draws immediate attention to the area.
  • Optional 12-24V DC powered units
  • 207mm H x 137mm W x 68mm D


STOPPER II is constructed as the STOPPER from tough injection moulded polycarbonate. Physically larger than the STOPPER the STOPPER II extends the number of products to which these tough multi-purpose covers can protect.

It consists of a strong tamper-proof clear polycarbonate cover and frame that fits easily over such products as break glass callpoints. The STOPPER II can also be fitted with an integral battery powered sounder which activates if the cover is lifted.

The STOPPER II is suitable for callpoints up to 160mm square like the DIN820/830 and CP830.

Weather STOPPER & Weather STOPPER II

The Weather STOPPER and Weather STOPPER II extends the life of weather exposed devices, such as break glass callpoints, by offering protection against harsh conditions and environments.

Experience has shown that this protective cover can extend the life of products installed in saline atmospheres, such as oil rigs and ship decks.

While offering environmental protection the Weather STOPPER and Weather STOPPER II are constructed from tough durable polycarbonate which will also guard against tampering, vandalism or accidental operation of devices such as emergency switches.


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