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Loop 500 Control Panel
This product is available in mainland Europe

Fire alarm systems (FAS) are hazard alarm systems (HAS) and are used to protect life and property. They must be produced, planned, installed and maintained in accordance with the requirements of the Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker VDE 0100, 0800, 0804, 0833, Parts 1 and 2, the Standards of the Deutsches Institut für Normung DIN 14 675, DIN EN 54 and the Guidelines of the Association of Property Insurers, VdS Form 2095.

The range of applications of such systems is practically unlimited and is usually defined by building regulations. Fire alarm systems with automatic detectors protect buildings continuously and detect outbreaks of fire in their initial stages.

The LOOP 500 Detector control and indicating equipment described here meets all relevant requirements.

Design features

The detector control and indicating equipment of the LOOP 500 system comprises the following components:

Wall-mounted housing with the following components:

  • Power supply 24 V DC, 8 A
  • Control panel in 14 different European language versions
  • Motherboard for loops 1 & 2


  • Expansion board for loops 3 & 4
  • Relay board with 12 relays
  • Drive board for TU, FBF and FSK
  • Alarm device board with 8 monitored control lines

Each loop of the address network can be fitted with 126 devices. These devices may be: automatic detectors or manual call points, input/output devices, adapters for conventional threshold value detectors, short-circuit isolators or addressed warning lights. Any number of spurs can be branched off the loops, although the total number of addressed devices cannot exceed the figure of 126 per loop.

Zones of older ZETTLER systems can be integrated into the loops via adapters. Each loop can be divided up into as many as 32 zones. Inter-loop cross-zoning can be programmed as freely as detector circuit double-knock operations. A total of 127 zones can be formed. The control panel contains described function keys and user guidance is provided via the 2-line, 40-digit illuminated display. Each event (alarm, fault, disablement etc.) can be freely assigned through programming to the outputs (transmission units, control lines, relay outputs etc.). An A4 printer and a parallel control panel can be networked with the control and indicating equipment via serial interfaces. Programming is carried out via an interface using any PC and the LOOP 500 programming software.

The event memory can store 100 messages The LOOP 500 detector control and indicating equipment is supplied as a wall-mounted unit in various national versions.


Information Available:

Approval Certificates
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Brochures & Datasheets
Doc. No. Description
901.1002E LOOP 500 Datasheet (1.8M) Added:21/07/2005
901.1002D LOOP 500 - Datenblatt (1.93M) Added:21/07/2005
Certificates of Conformity & Performance
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Declarations of Conformity & Performance
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Green Passport
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