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ZETTLER - A Tradition of Fire Detection Innovation

The ZETTLER range has been built around MZX Technology which provides some of the most advanced fire detection capabilities available.

Developed from integrating many years of product innovation through research and development across Europe, the MZX Technology platform has provided some of the best sensing technologies over 100 years and has been a great contributor to early detection and minimizing false alarms. It has also been responsible for some of the best installation techniques allowing easy and flexible engineering and installation. This has resulted in the ZETTLER range being the most resilient, reliable and serviceable systems available and has the broadest level of standards compliance.

PROFILE Flexible The Next Step in Fire Detection Solutions

PROFILE Flexible is a powerful fire detection and alarm system that uses MZX Technology at its heart. MZX Technology was originally designed for operation in the most hostile of environments, therefore the system is highly resilient to external factors such as electrical noise, including interference from electrical signals from other devices, and sources of false alarm.

The touchscreen user interface, with context sensitive help, has been ergonomically engineered so that every operation is made easy. Features such as the touch sensitive LEDs that provide detailed status information are intended to ensure a fast response to all system events. The system combines ease of use with high performance, and through innovation brings lifetime cost benefits to end users.

The PROFILE Flexible range offers integrated fire detection solutions for many applications including hotels, commercial offices, healthcare environments, industrial and manufacturing facilities.

PROFILE Flexible
PROFILE Flexible

Earliest Detection Through 3oTEC Triple Sensing Technology

Today we know that the majority of deaths caused by fire are a result of exposure to poisonous products of combustion and 70% of victims are likely to have been seriously injured or died between the hours of 11pm and 7am in their sleep.

High risk environments are places where people sleep such as hospitals, care homes and hotels. Another challenge for accurate fire detection is false activation of the alarms caused by dust, steam or cigarette smoke. The triple sensing technology inside the 3oTec detector is designed to overcome these challenges.

Since introducing the first CO detector, we have advanced our understanding of the advantages of integrating CO, optical smoke and heat sensors to offer smart triple sensing capabilities in one detector. The 3oTec detector is designed to provide the ultimate, cost effective, solution for false alarm management.


European Standard EN54-23
Where to use Visual Alarm Devices

Over recent years, the installation of Visual Alarm Devices (VADs) has experienced considerable growth since their mandatory introduction from 1st January 2014. This is in response to both the Equalities Act 2010 (UK only) and historical data which clearly demonstrates the effectiveness and reliability of VADs.

VADs are required to be used, in specific circumstances, in conjunction with other alarm devices to provide an effective means of alerting and evacuating occupants of a building. It is essential that the use of VADs forms part of the overall fire safety strategy. This strategy is based on an agreed building evacuation plan which, in turn, is a product of the buildings fire risk assessment.

     PROFILE Flexible
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Insightful Fire Engineering
The ZETTLER product line provides one of the most robust, reliable and ergonomic fire detection systems on the market with an enviable set of product approvals, listings and certifications. Products, are put through the most extensive certification programs to ensure the highest levels of reliability and performance.

Approvals Beyond Standard   Ergonomic Design   Best In Class Resilience  

Approvals Beyond Standard
ZETTLER products have global certification from many approval authorities including VdS, LPCB, BOSEC and many others. ZETTLER systems have EN54-13 approval, an independent test of the compatibility between system components, including detectors, ancillaries and panels, to ensure the highest level of reliability and performance.

   Ergonomic Design
The ZETTLER PROFILE Flexible fire alarm control panel is designed with key users in mind. It’s easy to configure, touchscreen user interface has been ergonomically engineered with an intuitive Info-Button and context sensitive help function to provide you with the information you need about your system’s performance quickly and easily.

Best in Class Resilience
ZETTLER products are based on MZX Technology which has been built on innovations including MZX Digital communications protocol and Fastlogic detection algorithms to provide a world beating combination of superior fire detection and false alarm rejection.


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