Generations of leading technology

At Tyco we have a reputation for leading innovation. From our first generation of detectors in the 1960s to our sixth generation today, we have continued to enhance our technology to provide our customers with the most advanced solutions for the varied challenges they encounter.

The most effective way to reduce false alarms is by installing intelligent multi-sensing smoke detection in high risk areas. Learn more about the 3oTec Multi-Sensor detector, part of ZETTLER’S Generation 6 detector range.


Advanced Chamber Design

Throughout history we have perfected the capabilities, intelligence and technology inside our detectors to improve safety and false alarm reliance in even more complex environments.

Our multi-sensor detectors have the added advantages of providing greater confidence of a fire condition by detecting more than one fire signature. Variable modes allow greater control of sensitivity levels so that if more than one fire signature is present, real fire threats can be identified immediately.

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False Alarm Resilience

Our Generation 6 detectors have an advanced chamber design that has been engineered to give greater resilience to false alarms and ensure the detection of a real fire. Ideal for high risk environments such as hotel rooms where excessive steam in en-suite guest rooms can cause false alarms.

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Why Generation 6 Detectors?

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