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PROFILE Flexible and PROFILE Lite Control Panels

The ZETTLER range of PROFILE Flexible and PROFILE Lite control panels, provides a perfect fit for all sizes of systems, from a single panel to a multi-network fire alarm system.

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Fire Detection - Our journey from yesterday to tomorrow

ZETTLER have released a new brochure detailing the history of Johnson Controls' evolution in the world of Fire Detection.

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A case study of ODE Insulation Project by Johnson Controls

ODE is a rapidly growing company and one of its latest developments is a new 75,000sqm facility, incorporating a 70,000sqm manufacturing space at Eskisehir in northwest Turkey. As Turkey's fire regulations cover just base level of protection, ODE sought advice from various professionals on a full fire protection for the plant, including Johnson Controls. Find out our approach towards solving this issue.

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Zettler Profile Lite Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panels Offer Future-Proof Facility Safety

Johnson Controls, the global leader for smart, healthy and sustainable buildings, announces the release of the Zettler Profile Lite range of addressable fire alarm control panels to South Africa, Czech Republic and Middle East markets. The two new addressable panel models, Pro215 Lite and Pro415 Lite, have colour LCD screens with 32 zonal LEDs integrated into a simple interface that reduces operator errors.

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Open and Closed Protocol - Bringing clarity to key industry concepts

We know that understanding open and closed protocol is not an open and shut case. These terms are among the most misunderstood in the industry. This leads to confusion and problems that can lead to dissatisfaction with your fire detection system. Our goal is to give you a clear, accessible way of understanding what they are and why they are important.

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Johnson Controls Launches 700 Series Microprocessor-Based Conventional Fire Detectors

Johnson Controls, the global leader for smart, healthy and sustainable buildings, and architect of OpenBlue connected solutions and services, announces the new 700 Series Conventional Fire Detectors, the company's first microprocessor-based conventional fire detectors that precisely monitor and respond to building fire conditions. The inclusion of a microprocessor across the entire range means these conventional detectors offer advanced algorithms, resulting in the same detection performance and false alarm rejection as the company’s latest non-Fastlogic, Gen6 detectors.

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Mike Stonehouse re-elected to the Fire Detection & Alarm Council

We are pleased to announce that Mike Stonehouse, Senior Sales Engineer from Johnson Controls Manchester, UK office has been re-elected to the Fire Detection & Alarm Council at the Fire Industry Association (FIA).

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Considering the Whole Life Cycle of a Fire Detection System

Fire detection systems are vital to keeping your people and premises safe. When selecting a manufacturer for fire detection systems, consultants and building owners should consider different aspects to find the most appropriate solution to their needs and building requirements. This does not only include the feature set and usability of the system, but also looks at the whole life cycle of a building and fire detection system to deliver cost savings along with sustainability.

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Johnson Controls partners with SASA in Turkey

Johnson Controls is now SASA's choice for fire detection and extinguishing systems. Based in Adana, Turkey, the partnership began last year to support SASA mask production for the health sector in Turkey during COVID-19.

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ZETTLER fire detection system for the new intensive care unit of Milan's Sacco Hospital

JOHNSON CONTROLS ITALIA has been chosen as the technological supplier of the ZETTLER fire detection system as part of the hospital renovation project.

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Fire detection solutions for healthcare environments in times of Covid-19

With Covid-19 Coronavirus the healthcare sector has maybebecome the most vulnerable industry as it places the health systems of many countries to the test. The last thing hospitals want to be worried about now is their fire detection system.

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How Visual Alarm Devices enable effective lifesaving evacuation

This whitepaper outlines the new standards which Visual Alarm Devices need to comply with in order to enable effective lifesaving evacuations..

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New Consultant's Guide from Johnson Controls

Recent increases in fire related disasters, has raised concerns over the requirements of fire safety systems for new and existing buildings. From high-rise residential developments to hospitals and university campuses, the design and requirements of the fire detection system can vary depending on the design and purpose of the building. Selecting the most suitable fire alarm system for an environment can be a complex decision with many considerations to take into account. As well as building use, design and aesthetics, buildings standards and regulations play an essential role in the safety requirements of the building and management system.

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Johnson Controls Releases Extended Fire Alarm Control Panel Range

Johnson Controls have launched the innovative ZETTLER PROFILE Flexible range of modular fire alarm control panels. Enhancing its existing ZETTLER PROFILE range, Johnson Controls have developed the new panels to provide advanced flexibility and usability, ease of installation and significant cost saving benefits.

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Johnson Controls presents enhanced range of fire alarm devices

Johnson Controls has introduced an innovative range of sounders, Visual Alarm Devices (VADs) and Visual Indicating Devices (VIDs), helping to improve performance of fire detection systems and ensure evacuation responses occur quickly during a real fire event.

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British Standard BS5839: How can ZETTLER technology help you comply to recent changes ?

As a world-leading manufacturer of fire detection solutions, it is important for ZETTLER to ensure all partners and customers understand significant changes in codes and standards that could affect installations of our systems.

There has been a number of changes to the British Standard BS5839 following the release of the 2017 update.

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ZETTLER at Eliaden 2018

ZETTLER is attending Eliaden in Norway 29th – 31st May 2018. The exhibition will highlight energy, industry and electrical installation, with 320 exhibitors and 70 seminars throughout the show.

ZETTLER have a tradition of Fire Detection Innovation and will be showcasing advances in the PROFILE Flexible range. The ZETTLER range is built around MZX Technology which provides some of the most advanced fire detection capabilities available.

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False Alarm Management using Technology in University and Student Accommodation Buildings

Only a small percentage of students attend a university in their home town, so many thousands will need to find somewhere to live in the vicinity of their chosen university.  Both universities themselves and specialised commercial organisations offer various types of accommodation for students.  New buildings and alterations to existing structures, whether domestic of non-domestic are required to comply with building regulations and standards on fire safety.

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The Fire & Hazard Roadshow visits Turkey this September

This September we are visiting eight cities in nineteen days: The Fire and Hazard Roadshow truck will make its way back south again and travel through Turkey, introducing the latest innovations and technological developments of fire protection products. Onboard the truck will be the range of ZETTLER detection products, such as the PROFILE Flexible control panel and the 3oTec, our triple sensing technology detector. In addition, we will feature all our latest fire suppression technology including iFlow, the new acoustic nozzle and the environmentally friendly fire suppression systems; HYGOOD Sapphire and water mist.

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Fire Protection Roadshow Stops at NAHFO

The Fire Hazzard and Protection Roadshow will be making a stop at the National Association of Healthcare Fire Officers (NAHFO) conference in Daventry this month to showcase all the latest fire detection and suppression solutions. The latest PROFILE Flexible detection panels will be demonstrated by our experts who will provide in depth discussion on how fire safety systems should be designed in order to achieve maximum efficiency and safety.

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A Control Panel Built for the Future - Coming Soon...

At Tyco we’re always looking to the future, considering what’s next? How can we make our products more sophisticated, offer more to our customers and improve protection of their assets and people. We’re constantly exploring new ways to modernize design, develop and change our systems to ensure we continue to meet our customer’s needs. But what if we were able to develop something that is built to evolve, change and adapt alongside our customer’s needs?

As part of the award winning ZETTLER PROFILE panel range, we have developed a complete fire detection and control system which is built to change, adapt and evolve.

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ZETTLER PROFILE Control Panel Wins FS Days Innovation Award

Tyco Fire Protection Products is pleased to announce that its ZETTLER fire alarm control panel range, PROFILE, has won an award at the Fire and Security Days Exhibition in Prague.

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Keeping Up With The ZETTLER Roadshow Truck

From Poland to Prague, Switzerland to Sweden follow the ZETTLER Roadshow truck, as it travels through Europe bringing the latest fire protection technology to the market.

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Tyco Fire Protection Products announces warranty extension for fire detection products

Tyco Fire Protection Products is pleased to inform you that the warranty for our proprietary fire alarm products is now extended from 18 to 36 months from date of manufacture with immediate effect.

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New Graphical User Interface (GUI) Firmware & Consys Configuration Software for PROFILE

Since the successful launch of the PROFILE control panel range in August 2014, Tyco Fire Protection Products have been collecting feedback from sellers, installers and end users to continuously improve the panel’s functionality in line with the needs of its customers. The results of this feedback are the release of new GUI firmware and Consys configuration software.

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Building Research Establishment (BRE) reports that using multi-sensor detectors could reduce false alarms by up to 69%

Replacing single sensing detectors with multi sensing ones could help reduce false alarms by almost 70% - a recent report from the BRE has revealed. The report, which aimed to uncover the main causes of false alarms within buildings and identify possible solutions to reduce them, looked at false alarm data from King’s College London (KCL) between 2010 – 2013.

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Integrated Solutions to Protect a Data Centre Environment

With technology at the forefront of every new initiative Tyco embarks on, Tyco Fire Protection Products is embracing smarter ways to protect people and save lives through integrated fire safety and security systems. TFPP is encouraging connectivity with a focus on developing complete solutions which directly address the hazards and threats associated with particular environments. At Tyco, we are always concerned with understanding the nature of fire risks associated with a particular environment. We use this understanding to ensure the solutions we offer are fit for purpose and address any threat to the safety of the building and people within it.

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New Year, New Products on the ZETTLER Roadshow Truck

The ZETTLER truck will now also feature Tyco’s fire suppression products, iFLOW and SAPPHIRE, and the ZETTLER Care Communication Systems. The addition of these new products will help showcase the total solutions offer from Tyco Fire Protection Products and, with more augmented reality and live product demonstrations, a greater experience for customers on board the truck.

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ZETTLER PROFILE Panel Praised at Industry Awards

The PROFILE panel from ZETTLER has been recognised at this year’s GIT Security Awards. Winning third place in the Fire and Explosion Protection, Industrial Safety category, the PROFILE system was praised by the German magazine’s readers for its advanced features and leading technology.

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Data Centres White Paper

Data centres are essential for all digital interactions; whether for business, entertainment or education, every internet search, download and mobile phone interaction is recorded in a data centre. At Tyco we are passionate about providing the right fire protection solution for the right environment. To support this Tyco Fire Protection Products have released a white paper that aims to inform consultants on the types of fire protection solutions available for the data centre environment.

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Round-Up Of The Year 2015

The year 2015 has certainly been a busy one for ZETTLER and as plans for 2016 get underway we thought we would share some of the highlights from this year with you.

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ZETTLER PROFILE Launched In Asia Pacific Region

Following success in EMEA, Tyco Fire Protection Products is pleased to announce the launch of the ZETTLER PROFILE panel and repeaters in the APAC Region from October. The ZETTLER PROFILE panel is a powerful fire detection and alarm system with digital touchscreen that uses MZX Technology at its heart and provides significant advantages and new features compared to the existing MZX fire panels. Originally launched in Europe in 2014, PROFILE has grown from strength to strength and has already been installed in a variety of world class museums, banks, manufacturing facilities, universities and public buildings.

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ZETTLER Truck Goes Around The World

The ZETTLER Roadshow Truck recently concluded its second European tour, clocking up an impressive 40,000km, the equivalent of a round-the-world trip. The Roadshow Truck travelled the continent, bringing ZETTLER’s state-of-the-art fire detection products to nearly 2000 customers at trade shows, exhibitions and over 112 different customer events in 48 locations.

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New Legislation for Landlords

Most deaths caused by fires are due to the inhalation of toxic gases. The most common of these gases produced is Carbon Monoxide (CO) which accounts for around 50 deaths per year in the UK. At Tyco we have a range of multi sensing detectors which incorporate CO detection, as well as heat and smoke. The ZETTLER 3oTec triple sensing detector also combines heat, smoke and CO sensing technologies to provide an unparalleled fire detection solution whilst minimising the risk of false alarms.

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Where is the ZETTLER PROFILE Panel Made?

Completing its Eastern European tour, the Zettler Roadshow Truck recently visited Tyco’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Rajecko, the Czech Republic, the birth place of the PROFILE panel. PROFILE is a powerful fire detection and alarm system that uses MZX Technology to provide an ergonomic touchscreen system that is highly resilient to external factors such as electrical noise and sources of false alarm.

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ZETTLER Truck Roadshow: From Krakow to Warsaw

The Zettler Roadshow Truck has recently completed a tour through Eastern Europe covering the Czech Republic and Poland where it visited four cities over five days. Bringing the latest information and training in state of the art fire detection products to hundreds of customers across the region, the Zettler Roadshow has once again been a popular event.

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ZETTLER Truck Roadshow arrives in Poland and the Czech Republic

Tyco Fire Protection Products has announced the latest ZETTLER roadshows in Poland and the Czech Republic presenting the whole ZETTLER range of fire detection products. Between the 21 – 25 September, the ZETTLER Roadshow Truck will tour through Poland in partnership with key ZETTLER distributor, Lanster, before travelling to the Czech Republic. The truck brings the latest innovations in fire detection directly to consultants and fire engineers, system integrators, installers, end users and fire services.

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Tyco Fire Protection Products Strengthens its Commitment to Cleaner Fire Detection Technologies

Gen 6 Detectors from Tyco Fire Protection Products do not include ionisation detectors and this approach is symptomatic of the trends in the fire industry for the last two decades. Instead the High Performance Optical (HPO) detectors, that combine optical and heat sensing in one device, provide a viable alternative.

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ZETTLER Make Life Easy for Architects and Engineers

Zettler has added a new section to its website making life easier for Architects and Engineers, as they can now access all the documents and technical information they need in one easy to reach place.
After researching into how different consumer groups use the Zettler website it became apparent that there was a need for technical product information to be in one accessible place, saving time searching the site.

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Almedalen Week Puts Spotlight on Fire Safety Regulations

The subject of residential fire protection took centre stage at this year’s Almedalsvecken as Ulf Allvar, Nordic sales manager for detection at Tyco Fire Protection Products, took part in a panel session on government fire regulations in houses and apartments. Speaking as chairperson of the Fire Group within Säkerhetsbranschen, a security trade association that strives for a safer Sweden, Mr Allvar discussed the need for increased awareness and regulations regarding fire detection and suppression in residential buildings.

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Tyco Staff Learn on-board the ZETTLER Truck

Tyco Fire Protection Products enhanced employee’s product knowledge with a staff open day on the Zettler Roadshow Truck at Tyco Park, Manchester. The Zettler Roadshow Truck has had a busy summer so far, having recently exhibited at Interschutz in Hannover, Germany it’s now touring the UK, before it heads on to France, Poland and the Czech Republic .With a few spare days in Manchester, organisers invited staff on board to learn more about the latest developments in detection products.

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Tyco Helps To Build Smart Cities

As the global population continues to grow, more and more people are moving to cities every day. Challenges with population control, security and city governance are becoming prevalent, with increasing pressure to safeguard inhabitants against treats such as terrorism, economic crisis and depleting natural resources. Experts predict the world’s urban population will double by 2050 – which means we’re adding the equivalent of seven New York Cities to the planet every single year.

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Improving Ergonomic Design for Next Generation Control Panel Technology

Ergonomics put people at the heart of design to optimise comfort, functionality and user-friendliness. It encourages product developers and manufacturers to take into account how users interact with products, focusing on the strengths and abilities of people rather than setting a fixed design and forcing users to adapt. These parameters cover a wide range of factors, including age, size, strength, cognitive function and - most importantly in the case of technology-based products - prior experience.

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New AR Feature on the Zettler Truck

As a provider of the latest technology in fire detection, Zettler has now added an Augmented Reality feature to its Zettler Roadshow Truck. The new AR feature gives customers the opportunity to see Zettler products in a real life environment. Customers can take a 360˚ tour of a hotel, which has the latest Zettler products installed throughout. The experience is easily accessed using one of the ipads supplied on the truck with the pre-loaded app opened. Simply hold the ipad up to one of the AR markers and into the hotel you go.

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