ZETTLER MZX Virtual Multi-Function Fire Detectors (Legacy)
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MZX Virtual Multi-Function Fire Detectors (Legacy)
The 800 Series are addressable multi-sensor fire, smoke and heat detectors, which can be implemented as several MZX VIRTUAL detectors by the MZX detection panel. 800 Series detectors are designed and approved to EN54 and carry land based approvals. The 800 Series of MZX VIRTUAL detectors provide the latest fire detection technology in an attractive cost effective package.
801PC 3oTec Detector
The 801PC 3oTec detector is a combined optical, carbon monoxide and heat detector for use with MZX Technology® controllers.
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801CH Carbon Monoxide + Heat Detector
The 801CH is a carbon monoxide and heat detector which allows a full set of detection modes to be implemented in the MZX detection panel to suit most fire and heat detection applications.
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801H Heat Detector
The 801H is a flexible cost-effective addressable heat detector with all the features of MZX VIRTUAL detectors.
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801I Ionisation Detector
The 801I offers state-of-the-art ionisation smoke detection with self verification, smoke level indication and threshold compensation for detector condition monitoring.
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801P Optical Smoke Detector
801P detectors are capable of detecting the visible smoke produced by materials which smoulder or burn slowly, i.e. soft furnishings, plastic foam etc; or "smoke" produced by overheated but unburnt PVC.
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801PH Optical Smoke + Heat Detector
The 801PH is a state-of-the-art smoke and heat detector which allows a full set of detection modes to be implemented in the MZX detection panel.
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801PS High Sensitivity Optical Smoke Detector
The 801PS high sensitivity smoke detector is designed for applications which require a detector with a greater sensitivity than specified within EN54-7.
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Detector Bases & Ancillaries
5B 5" Universal Base
This is the most common base designed to fix directly to the accommodation ceiling panel or deckhead mountings.
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5BI 5" Isolator Base
With all the features of the 5B Universal Base the 5BI Isolator Base allows any or all 800 Series MZX Detectors to be upgraded to incorporate bi-directional short circuit isolation.
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MZX Universal Base (MUB)
This base has ben designed to fix directly to a ceiling or deckhead mounting. The base allows a detector to be plugged in directly or a functional base to be plugged in between the base and detector.
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800 Series Ancillaries
Ancillary devices available for use with the 800 Series detector range include remote indication lamps, locking pins, remote LED's, deck-head mounting kits, protective cages and duct probe units.
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