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ZETTLER Detector Range

Generation 6 830/850 Series Addressable Detectors
The 850 and 830 series fire detectors are designed to be both adaptable and flexible which means they can be used in most premises to protect against a wide range of potential fire risks. They use sophisticated digital signalling to communicate with the MZX Technology fire control panel.

600 Series Conventional Detectors
We offer a wide range of conventional fire detectors including Carbon Monoxide, Heat, Optical and Flame detection options.

Beam Detectors
A range of beam detectors are available, including Open-Area Smoke Image Detection (OSID), and the FireRay 5000 and FireRay 3000 infrared optical beam smoke detectors.

Flame Detectors
We offer a range of specialist Flame Detectors for use in standard applications and hazardous areas. The range includes the FLAMEVision FV300 array-based infrared flame detector, the FV400 and S200+ Triple IR flame detectors and a selection of 600 and 800 series point flame detectors in both standard and intrinsically safe variants.

Intrinsically Safe Detectors
This page details the range of intrinsically safe point-type fire detectors available. It encompasses both addressable and conventional detectors.
800 Series MZX Virtual Multi-Function Fire Detectors (Legacy)
The legacy 800 Series are addressable multi-sensor fire, smoke and heat detectors, which can be implemented as several MZX VIRTUAL detectors by the MZX detection panel.
Linear Heat Detectors
Two Linear Heat Detection systems are available; the MZX SensorLaser™ Plus system and the ProReact Analogue Linear Heat Detefction Cable system.
Remote Detector Indicators
All detector bases have the ability to drive a remote LED in the event that the installed position of the detector is not easily visible. The 801RIL and 801HL remote indicator lamps can then be used to visually indicate the source of an alarm in buildings with long corridors eg. Hotels, hospitals, apartments.
Detector Test & Commissioning Equipment
We offer a wide range of test equipment for use with the MZX range of detectors. Equipment available includes telescopic extension poles, cordless heat detector tester kits, pole sets for TYCO detector changers and testers, smoke detector aerosol tester, CO detector field test kit.
Detector Ancillaries
There are a wide range of ancillaries available for use with the MZX range of fire detectors. The range includes duct probe units, address flags, locking pins and other ancillary equipment.
Other Detectors
This page provides information on other available detectors. These include the ZETFAS IR3-S1, OR3-S1, W3-S1 & OW3-S1 sensors.


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