ZETTLER FIRELINE MXF100 Optical Fibre Temperature Sensing (Legacy)
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FIRELINE MXF100 Optical Fibre Temperature Sensing (Legacy)

Please note that this product has been replaced by the MZX SensorLaser.

To visit the MZX SensorLaser page, please click here

The FIRELINE MFX100 is a revolutionary laser and fibre optic based Linear Heat Detection system providing a fast, flexible and highly resilient means of detecting fires and protecting both people and plants in a wide variety of risks. The technology is well proven and has already been specified and successfully installed in many different applications.

The FIRELINE MXF100 uses a combination of powerful laser technology and computer processing to provide fast and accurate temperature measurement along a 2 Km loop of fibre optic cable. Precise fire and sensor cable break detection can be determined within an accuracy of 1.25m. The MXF100 provides a flexible  programmable platform to suit many different risks and can be easily integrated into the overall fire protection system.


  • Automatic detection and full recovery from sensor cable break
  • Safe (Class 1) laser operation
  • Continuous ‘live’ assessment of the development of fires
  • Wide range of programmable temperature operating modes and alarm thresholds
  • Up to 200 programmable alarm zones
  • High Immunity to Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
  • Suitable for use in designated Hazardous Areas
  • Unrivalled speed of response - 15 second update for 2km length

Alarm information is obtained quickly from the powerful and intelligent MXF100 processor. The control unit uses a laser light source to launch light signals into the optical fibre. As pulses travel down the fibre, energy is lost through scattering. A fraction of the scattered signal is retained within the fibre. A portion of this is directed back along the fibre towards the laser source - this signal is called back-scatter. Part of the backscatter signal (Raman Scattering) is used to provide accurate remote temperature measurements at hundreds of points along the fibre.

The MXF100 control unit is a wall mounted cabinet. It is available in a style and livery matching that of the latest range of MZX control panels. It is designed to receive the MXF100 optics unit and provides local alarm and fault indications, a PSM800 4A power supply module, field terminals for connection to signalling relays and a termination box for the fibre optic splice joints to the sensing cable.


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