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Special Detection
Beam Detectors
Specialist detection systems are sometimes the preferred option over point detection due to factors affecting installation, maintenance or the environment to which detectors will be exposed. MZX loops support a range of specialist detectors supplying both power and communications and providing true and seamless integration.
Aspirating (Air Sampling) Detectors
Aspiration systems, like Beam detectors, connect directly to the MZX system loop through interfaces integral to the detectors. From the smaller compact systems through the mid to the high end models, integration is complete simply by connecting the two core loop to the device, saving time and cost over systems where external interfaces have to be installed.
Linear Heat Detection
Heat detection may appear limited in its application due to the time it takes to respond to most fires. The Linear versions however are extremely versatile and useful in certain special applications. MZX supports two distinct linear heat detection (LHD) systems which between them cover a diverse range of applications.



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