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MZX-e Extinguishing Controller & Ancillaries

The ZETTLER® MZX-e Gaseous Extinguishing Control Panel is powerful yet user-friendly. Unlike competitors panels that are either approved to the Extinguishing Standard EN12094 or to the Fire Detection Standard EN54 Part 2 & 4 the MZX-e is the only Extinguishing Controller approved to both standards.

The panel has extensive configuration options and is easy to install, programme and operate. The removable chassis enables the engineer to “first fix” an empty cabinet and then fit the chassis at the commissioning stage.

This is supported by comprehensive documentation on commissioning, operating, maintenance and fault finding. In addition there is a range of accessories available to meet most customer requirements.


  • Approved to EN 12094-1:2003
  • Approved to EN 54-2 and 4
  • Approved to the Construction Product Directive (CPD)
  • Comprehensive facilities for gaseous extinguishing systems
  • Monitored inputs for gas discharged, gas low, isolation valve closed/abnormal, gas trapped in manifold
  • Control inputs for auto/manual, gas hold, gas abort
  • 1 minute actuator cut off option
  • Monitored actuator/solenoid release
  • Extensive disablement options
  • Common fire, fault, relay / monitored output facilities
  • 1st stage, 2nd stage, 3rd stage and gas discharged relay / monitored output facilities
  • Reset relay facilities
  • Intrinsically safe barrier settings
  • Metron or solenoid compatible
  • Single or double knock operation
  • Pre-discharge delay adjustable from 0 to 60 seconds
  • Discharged indication with or without pressure switch
  • Inhibit silence alarms until gas discharged
  • Latching or non-latching fault indication option
  • Option for rapid buzzer pulse when gas discharge is imminent
  • One man zone and sounder test


Three fully monitored fire detection zones are provided. Zones 1 and 2 normally provide first stage and second stage fire conditions to allow extinguishant discharge (coincidence detection zones). Zone 3 is an auxiliary zone for detection only purposes. Zone 4 is used as a manual release zone.


Three fully monitored alarm circuits are provided; each rated at 0.5A with various configuration options via the engineers DIL switch settings. Two circuits are designed to provide audible warning of any fire condition and one circuit to provide an individually distinct audible warning of the pre-discharge, discharged and emergency hold condition.

Two fully monitored actuator/solenoid circuits, each rated at 1A, operate simultaneously upon “extinguishant

A RS485 multi-drop circuit supports up to 7 x Status Controller/Indicators of any type / mix on the communication path. Additional terminals and configuration options allow the engineer to configure the manual release, abort and hold switches to either data comms or hard wired inputs as required.

Normally open inputs provide for remote evacuate, silence alarms, system reset, lock-off input, low pressure and gas discharged pressure switch input.

Outputs are provided for first stage signalling, second stage signalling, system discharged, common fire and common fault. These outputs may be configured as either volt free C/O contacts or monitored 24VDC (50mA) outputs. A system reset volt free relay is also provided.


The use of DIL switches on the internal motherboard enables the engineer to easily configure the extensive options available and view the panel’s configuration upon any return visit.


The user interface buttons and indicators are labelled using double sided printed inserts that allow the panel and status lamp units to be used in multiple markets.


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