Marine MZX Input / Output Modules & Ancillaries
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MZX Input / Output Modules & Ancillaries
ANC800 / STK800 Housing
Up to 8 devices can be accommodated in the ANC800 housing.
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BDM800 Loop Powered Beam Detector Module
The BDM800 Beam Detector Module is designed to interface the MZX FireRay3000/5000 Beam Detectors to the MZX Digital Addressable Loop.
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BTM800 Beam Terminator
The BTM800 is housed in a standard double gang ancillary cover and has all the connections and components required to minimise installation time.
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CIM800 Contact Input Module
The CIM800 is a flexible addressable input monitoring device that fits in the standard ancillary housings. The CIM800 provides up to two inputs to current MZX panels though this can be implemented as two separately wired spurs.
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DDM800 Universal Fire & Gas Detector Module
The Universal Fire & Gas Detector Module is an MZX addressable module that can be used to connect zones of existing conventional 20V detectors or 4-20mA detectors and interface them with an MZX addressable fire alarm system.
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DIM800 Detector Input Module
The DIM800 is designed to power and monitor a circuit of low voltage conventional  detectors and callpoints.
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EXI800 (I.S.) Loop Interface
The EXI800 Interface Module, used with a galvanic isolator, provides a path for an MZX Panel to transparently communicate to slave devices connected to the Intrinsically Safe loop.
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HVR800 High Voltage Relay
The HVR800 module is a non-addressable device which allows a low current mains rated relay to switch up to 10A. 
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IF800Ex Intrinsically Safe Contact Input Monitor
The Intrinsically Safe IF800Ex Interface Module is designed to monitor fire contacts such as extinguishing system control, ventilation control, fire door controls etc.
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LAV800 VdS Extinguishing Interface
The LAV800 provides an MZX addressable standard VdS extinguishing interface in a standard MZX ancillary size package.
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LIM800 Line Isolator Module
The LIM800 Line Isolator Module is designed to be used on the MZX addressable controller loop circuits.
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LPS800 Loop Powered Sounder Module
The LPS800 provides a single monitored sounder output circuit with up to 75mA of power sourced from the MZX panel.
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MIM800 Mini-Input Module
The MIM800 is a small MZX addressable module designed for monitoring a single input circuit.
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MIO800 Multi-Input Output Module
The MIO800 is a general purpose interface modulethat allows multiple input and output connections to be made between external equipment and the MZX Digital loop.
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OCM800 Operator Control Module
The OCM800 is utilised by some MZX detection panels and full function repeaters to provide mandatory operator control and LED indication functions to comply with EN54:pt.2 and UL864..
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ODM800 Operator Display Module
The ODM800 operator display module provides a powerful and flexible 40 x 16 character backlit LCD display used by some MZX detection panels and full function repeaters..
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PSB800 Power Supply
The MZX power supply module is a state-of-the-art integrated switch mode system power supply and battery charger, which can provide up to 5A external and auxiliary loop power during alarm conditions.
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PSM800/PSM820 Power Supply
The PSM800 and PSM820 power supply and battery chargers can provide power for a wide range of ancillary devices and may be used as a primary or auxiliary power supply.
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Quad Ancillary Modules
The Quad Ancillary Modules form a versatile new range of multiple input and output modules for use with MZX technology systems.
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Remote LCD Module
The Remote LCD Repeater Module is designed to provide an independent scrolling log of system status at numerous points within a building or site.
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RIM800 Relay Interface Module
The RIM800 provides a single programmable relay output from the MZX DIGITAL addressable loop which can be programmed for a variety of applications.
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RSM800 DC/DC Converter
The RSM800 provides 24V dc, regulated 5Vdc and RBus outputs for the ODM800 and OCM800 modules.
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SB520 Sounder Booster
The SB520 sounder booster module enables the SNM800 to drive circuits with higher currents whilst maintaining the reverse polarity integrity line monitoring.
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SIO800 Single Input/Output Module
The SIO800 Single Input/Output Module is designed to provide a monitored input and a volt free relay changeover output.
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SNB800 MZX Amplifier (VE)
The SNB800 amplifier element can be used with the SNM800 module to drive multiple sirens while monitoring cabling.
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SNM800 Sounder Notification Module
The SNM800 is a remote addressable sounder circuit output device capable of switching sounder and speaker circuits up to 2A @ 24V d.c. or provide a monitored output facility for other applications.
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TM520 Timer Module
The TM520 provides an output that can be activated based on a delay time. If either the keyswitch on the module is activated, or a predefined event within the control panel occurs then a timed delay is started.
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TSM800 Door Control Module
The TSM800 Door control module acts as a triggering mechanism for hold-open devices in doors meeting DIBt guidelines for hold-open systems.
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VIO800 MZX VESDA Interface
The VIO800 MZX VESDA Interface will enable all versions of the popular LaserPLUS Detectors and 7 relay versions of the Laser SCANNER Detectors to be interfaced directly to the MZX Digital detection loops.
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MZX Module Housing & Mounting Brackets
A variety of ancillary housings are available to fit the 800 Series MZX ancillaries.
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