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MZX Loop Tester

The MZX Loop Tester can be used to test, commission and fault-find a loop of MZX analogue addressable detectors and ancillary devices, without having to connect the loop to a fire panel. Up to 250 MZX devices may be connected. One Person Installation Mode allows new devices to be installed and field tested to confirm operation. Auto Addressing Mode automatically sets the address of any unprogrammed device that is added. Walk Test Mode provides a fast alarm response. A laptop (running a terminal program) connected to the unit can be used for operation, display and additional tests and commands.


  • Identifies all detectors / modules on the loop, determining their addresses and device types. Over-addressed (>250), unknown device types, and, generally, duplicate addressed devices are recognised.
  • Monitors analogue values to determine device status.
  • Provides alarm test for devices (detectors) that support it.
  • Allows Walk Test. Any device going into alarm will be shown on the laptop together with its address and time. Walk Test Status (reporting devices / detectors that have not been tested yet) can be requested. Walk test mode overrides detection algorithm delays for fast testing.
  • Monitors loop current and loop status, identifying loop open / short and over-current conditions. Details devices present on each side of a broken loop (so that the position of the break or tripped isolator can be determined).
  • Commands to operate device LED and control output modules (relays and sounders).
  • One Person Installation Mode: Allows addition and field testing of devices without a laptop.
  • Auto Addressing Mode: Automatically programs new unaddressed devices with next available address.
  • 1,000 event history can be displayed.
  • Powered from 110V/230V mains supply via 24V, 3A plug pack, or from 24V batteries if mains supply not available (batteries not included).
  • Up to 250 MZX devices per loop.
  • 2km unscreened cable; loop, lines and spurs supported.
  • 1 A drive current for loop devices.
  • MZX Photo/Heat Detectors– 801PH, 811PH, 812PH, 814PH; 813P and 814P (photo only).
  • MZX CO/Heat Detectors– 801CH, 811CH, 812CH and 814CH.
  • MZX CO/Photo/Heat Detectors - 801PC.
  • MZX Ionisation Detectors– 801I, 812I and 814I.
  • MZX Heat Detectors– 801H, 811H, 812H and 814H.
  • MZX Flame Detectors - 801F, 811F.
  • MZX Call Points – CP820, CP830, CP820M, CP830M, DIN820i, DIN830i, RMS800, GAR800,GARA800.
  • MZX Input Monitor – MIM800, MIM801, CIM800, DIM800, DDM800, BDM800, LAV800.
  • MZX Output Control – RIM800, SNM800, LPS800, SAM800, SAB800, SAB801.
  • MZX Input Output Modules - SIO800, DIO800, MIO800, APM800.
  • MZX Intrinsically Safe (Ex) devices – 801PHEx, 801CHEx, 801HEx, 801FEx, 811FEx, S271i+, S271f+, CP840Ex, IF800Ex.
  • MZX Potentially Explosive Atmosphere - Type of Protection "n" - 811PHExn, 811CHExn, 811HExn, CP830Exn.
  • Detailed diagnostics and commissioning modes via laptop.
  • Everything needed for testing (including User Manual, but not laptop) is kept inside a handy multi-pocket carry bag (supplied).
  • Flash-based firmware allows field reprogramming / upgrade.
  • Order Code (Part Number): FP0898 (Aust/NZ/Fiji), 557.203.021 (UK/Europe).
  • Dimensions:
    - Unit : 200mm x 122mm x 46mm; Weight : 2kg
    - Carry bag : 250mm x 250mm x 70mm


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