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PROFILE Flexible Panels

PROFILE Flexible is a powerful fire detection and alarm system that uses MZX Technology at its heart. MZX Technology was originally designed for operation in the most hostile of environments, therefore the system is highly resilient to external factors such as electrical noise, including interference from electrical signals from other devices, and sources of false alarm.

With the introduction of a slot card mechanism, PROFILE Flexible panels can be tailored to the specific requirements of the application and the environment being protected. If a site changes or is developed, the system can be easily expanded to fulfill new requirements.

The panel has been specifically engineered to offer increased loop capacity and the option to share loops giving even more flexibility in the systems design and a reduction in installation costs.

The touchscreen user interface, with context sensitive help, has been ergonomically engineered so that every operation is made easy. Features such as the touch sensitive LEDs that provide detailed status information are intended to ensure a fast response to all system events. The system combines ease of use with high performance, and through innovation brings lifetime cost benefits to end users.

The PROFILE Flexible range offers integrated fire detection solutions for many applications including hotels, commercial offices, healthcare environments, industrial and manufacturing facilities.

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PROFILE Flexible Addressable Control Panels:
Pro215S and Pro215D
The Pro215S is housed in a compact shallow enclosure whilst the Pro215D has a deep housing to accommodate larger batteries for extended standby periods.
Pro815D and Pro885D
Pro815D and Pro885D fire alarm panels can each support 1000 addresses in total and panels can be seamlessly networked together making PROFILE Flexible suitable for a range of applications.
The PROFILE Flexible Pro16xD is expandable from 4 to 16 loops and can support 2000 addresses in total which makes it ideal for mid-size facilities.
The PROFILE Flexible modular housing black-box panel can accommodate 4 shared power loops or 2 high power loops and can be expanded up to 16 shared power or 8 high power loops.
The PROFILE Flexible Pro32xD is expandable from 4 to 32 loops and with the PxD expansion box it can support 4000 addresses in total which makes it ideal for large and more complex facilities.
The PROFILE Flexible modular housing black-box panel can accommodate 4 shared power loops or 2 high power loops and can be expanded up to 32 shared power or 16 high power loops.

PROFILE Flexible Repeaters:

ZETTLER PROFILE 80 zone AC repeater will take into account local power supply requirements and provides a traditional panel style solution

ZETTLER PROFILE compact DC repeater provides full control of the system in an architecturally attractive and discreet package with a number of mounting options.

ZETTLER PROFILE 40 way and 80 way zonal displays are used in conjunction with the Profile compact DC repeater to provide additional zonal LEDs.

PROFILE Flexible Ancillaries:

A range of ancillaries are available including modular housings, extension boxes, loop expansion devices and fibre optic switches.




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