SafeLINC Cloud for Fire Safety Systems

Access critical data from anywhere to improve system management

Connect fire alarm control units across a building, campus or enterprise with SafeLINC Cloud to reduce labor and costs while increasing service and safety.

  • Cloud-based platform gives you full visibility into system status and data
  • Desktop and mobile app access enable proactive maintenance and service
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Save time, effort and expense while keeping people and property safe

SafeLINC Cloud brings the connectivity you expect in daily life to fire alarm management, reducing labor over the life of the system. Real-time and historical fire alarm control unit data and compliance information can be accessed globally through a secure cloud platform. Customizable push notifications ensure you know what's happening in your system. You benefit from more proactive maintenance and can be confident that your system is ready to protect building occupants. *SafeLINC Cloud is designed to complement your central station monitoring for fire alarm systems and should not be considered a substitute. It is intended to enhance your ability to manage your fire and life safety systems effectively.
Save time, effort and expense while keeping people and property safe


  • Convenient management of all your locations: SafeLINC Cloud connects control units throughout a building, a campus, or multiple campuses, giving you total visibility.
  • More efficient maintenance and service: Because you can see what’s happening in each control unit and view logs, you can plan maintenance to minimize disruption and maximize efficiency.
  • Better prioritization, for enhanced safety: Through the mobile app and push notifications, SafeLINC Cloud gets critical information to you wherever you are, enabling a faster, more appropriate response.
  • Easy access to information and reports: Connect to your control units via the web interface or mobile app to simplify recordkeeping and reporting.


Anytime, Anywhere Access

The SafeLINC Cloud internet interface makes it easy for authorized users to access system information by browser or mobile app.

Better Management And Response

SafeLINC Cloud puts information from all control units in one place, making it easier to stay connected with your system and reduce unexpected service calls, repairs and expenses.


SafeLINC Cloud works with Johnson Controls family of addressable fire alarm control units.