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Fire Protection In Waste Management Facilities

ZETTLER fire detection and evacuation support systems play an important role in preventing the spread of fire in waste management facilities with high reliability and speed.

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ZETTLER´s infrared flame detectors can help you prevent fires in waste management facilities
Preventing Fires In Waste Management Facilities
Waste management facilities bring challenging conditions with their unpredictable combination of materials and substances in these sites, as well as their operational activities that make them hazardous environments with continual high fire risks. ZETTLER´s infrared flame detectors are perfectly adapted to the conditions at waste management facilities. They provide swift fire and smoke detection, which helps to prevent harmful emissions.
Top Risks for Waste Management Facilities
Top Risks for Waste Management Facilities
Large amounts of combustible materials
Different areas within a facility
Many causes for false or unwanted alarms
Challenging environmental conditions
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