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MZX Technology For The Future

MZX Technology has been built on previous innovations including ZX Digital communications protocol and ZX Fastlogic detection algorithms to provide a world beating combination of superior fire detection, false alarm rejection and robust reliable design. Combined with it’s easy to install and advanced serviceability features the Zettler range provide installers and end users with a world leading solution.


In the 1990’s working with the University of Duisburg, Zettler became a leader in the use of fuzzy logic algorithms for Optical Detectors to further improve detection reliability and false alarm resilience. Further refined in 2000’s with Fastlogic this technology remains a core part of MZX Technology.


Reflective Sound Monitoring (RSM)
The sounders and beacons of the Zettler range also contribute to the reduced lifetime costs. Sounders with Reflective Sound Monitoring (RSM) use their integral microphone to monitor their own operation providing a quick and simple regular system testing mechanism without disturbing building occupants. Products with RSM also have the remote tone and volume adjustment feature which is invaluable during system installation.


MZX Digital
In 2000, Zettler was one of the world’s first fire detection manufacturers to transition from analogue to digital communication technology ensuring high levels of system resilience and reliability. Providing reliable communications on all types of new and existing cables in all manner of wiring layouts, the Zettler MZX Digital protocol continues to operate even if the cable is damaged by damp and fire.


Virtual Detectors
Generation 6 detectors incorporate Virtual Detectors. For example the Generation 6 850PC contains 6 fully approved Virtual Detector and up to 3 of these can be used simultaneously by the control panels. Using a virtual smoke detector mode and a virtual gas detector mode at the same time can half installation costs. Or using a virtual heat detector mode and a virtual 3oTec detector mode at the same time.


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