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Introducing ZETTLER's New Addressable Fire Alarm Devices

ZETTLER have developed a new range of addressable fire alarm devices including Visual Alarm Devices, Visual Indication Devices and Sounders.

Complete with reliable self-testing features, the new visual alarm and indication devices use LED lights to enhance energy efficiency, and consequently have a low current consumption. Making it easier for systems designers as more devices can be placed on the loop. 

In this video, we unveil the intelligent self-testing capabilities of these devices, ensuring consistent and reliable performance. By incorporating energy-efficient LED lights, our visual alarm and indication devices boast low current consumption, enabling system designers to place more devices on the loop effortlessly.
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Protect your people and facilities with complete, Addressable and Conventional systems that are designed to meet the toughest performance standards.


High Quality and Expertise

Our new alarm devices are made in world-class, globally certified European factories, which ensure the highest levels of fire safety.
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