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Customize your fire alarm system with remote indicators, sounders, and more.

Introducing ZETTLER NEO PAVA System: EN 54-16 Certified for Safe Emergency Evacuation

Discover how ZETTLER NEO's remarkable performance and adaptability make it an ideal choice for various environments, from commercial spaces to large facilities. Witness the powerful audio quality that ensures clear communication during critical moments, providing an added layer of assurance.

Whether you manage a small establishment or a sprawling complex, our NEO PAVA system is here to enhance your safety measures, offering a seamless emergency evacuation solution.

Introducing the Compact EN54 Public Address & Voice Alarm System by ZETTLER

Experience the power of simplicity with our compact EN54 Public Address & Voice Alarm System, designed specifically for small and medium installation centers. This revolutionary system offers a seamless solution, consolidating all necessary functionalities into a single piece of equipment.

Join us now to explore the compact EN54 Public Address & Voice Alarm System and witness how this user-friendly and efficient solution transforms the way you manage communications and safety. Don't miss out on this innovative step towards a more connected and secure environment.
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Superior technology for the highest protection.


Built On 100 Years of Product Innovation

Developed from integrating many years of product innovation through research and development across Europe, we have some of the best sensing technologies for early fire detection and minimizing false alarms.
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