ZETTLER New Addressable Alarm Device Series

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New Addressable Alarm Device Series
We now have a new range of Sounders, Visual Alarm and Visual Indication Devices from ZETTLER. Using high quality optical components, low current LED lights and with a special focus on EN54 part 23 requirements, this new range of devices has been built around MZX Technology to provide some of the most advanced fire detection capabilities available.

In situations where power consumptions on a loop is an issue – We can help you find the right solution. Watch the video to find out more.

Watch the video to find out more

ZETTLER’s new addressable loop powered fire alarm devices can help you achieve:

  • Automatic Self Testing – Reflective light and sound monitoring for accurate, less disruptive self-testing programmed through the fire control panel.
  • Faster reaction to alarm activation – Visual Alarm Devices with a tested 20ms pulse length, the shorter light pulses mean reactions are faster and response in an emergency improved.
  • EN54-23  compliance
  • Low current consumption enabling more devices on a loop
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