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Addressable Detectors, Bases & Ancillaries
850PH and 830PH Photo Heat Detector
With the ability to detect a wide range of fires from flaming to smouldering types, the combined optical and heat multi-sensor detector is the preferred choice for a range of applications including light industrial, retail and office environments. It operates in a number of approved modes and sensitivities that can be dynamically selected to suit different environmental conditions.
850P and 830P Photo Detector
More benign environments where any potential fire will be slow burning can be protected using the optical detector. A choice of sensitivities and modes gives this detector a broad range of applications.
850H and 830H Heat Detector
To compliment the range the heat sensor can operate in fixed temperature and rate-of-rise modes with a number of approved sensitivities. Most often used in areas where high levels of dust are present or where the environment precludes the use of smoke detectors.
850PC and 830PC 3oTec Triple Sensor Detector
For life protection and when the environmental conditions are challenging, the 3oTec detector provides the ultimate in detector performance and false alarm rejection. It is a multi sensor that monitors smoke, heat and CO levels in concert to accurately determine the presence of fire. Applications include industrial, retail, transport hubs, and healthcare. Its false alarm rejection properties make it the ideal choice for hotel bedrooms where steam from bathrooms is a common source of false alarms.
801F Flame Detector
The 801F point type flame detector is part of the MZX Technology® range of digital addressable fire detectors. The 801F is a full featured solar blind flame detector for indoor use and boasts a high degree of false alarm immunity.
850EMT Engineering Management Tool
The 850EMT is a commissioning tool that communicates with the 850 and 830 series fire detectors via a two way infrared link.
Detector Bases & Ancillaries
4B 4" Detector Base
Use this base with 830 Series detectors when short circuit isolation is not required.
. 4B-C 4" Continuity Base
Use with 850 Series detectors that have built in line isolator. The 4B-C base provides continuity when the detector is removed.

4B-I 4" Isolator Base
Use the 4B-I base with 830 Series detectors to provide local short circuit isolation.

MZX AVBase Loop Powered Sounder Base and Sounder Beacon Base
The MZX AVBase range of devices includes a sounder beacon base and a high output sounder base for use with MZX Technology fire controllers.
801RB Functional Relay Base
The 801RB provides dual relay contacts for signalling external devices on MZX addressable systems. A very low operating current even when the relay is energised enables the relay base to be used without any additional power.
802SB Sounder Base
A new low current range of sounder bases for use with the MZX Fire Alarm Control Panel.

Remote Detector Indicators
A range of remote detector indicators including the 801RIL and 800HL units.

. Duct Probe Units
A range of duct probe units for use with standard detectors and bases.
. Generation 6 Detector Base Ancillaries
A range of detector base accessories designed to cut installation time, enhance the installed appearance and mechanically protect the installation.
. Detector Test & Commissioning Tools
Equipment available includes telescopic extension poles, cordless heat detector tester kits, pole sets for ZETTLER detector changers and testers, smoke detector aerosol tester, CO detector field test kit.



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