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PSB800M Power Supply

The MZX power supply module is a state-of-the-art integrated switch mode system power supply and battery charger, which can provide up to 5A external and auxiliary loop power during alarm conditions.

It has a universal input allowing operation from 100 to 255 Va.c., 50 or 60 Hz.

The power supply is approved worldwide to EN54, UL864 and Marine standards.

The charging voltage is temperature compensated. The PSM recharges the batteries within 24 h for the following timings:

  • 90h stand by time and 15 min. alarm condition
  • 72h stand by time and 30min. alarm condition

The power supply provides full condition and fault monitoring to the system via the FIM (used by the PSB800M) or addressable power supply monitor APM800 (used by the PSM800). The PSB800M incorporates the LBM800 booster module to provide the correct voltage levels to maximise the performance of the MZX DIGITAL protocol.

Fault signals (Loss of AC, Battery charger fault, Battery fault) and control inputs (Battery test, Output reset) are provided. Battery voltage and charger current readings are also provided to the FIM or APM for automatic battery testing.

Screw terminals provide 2 x 24V outputs (24 V stabilised, 24V stabilised with reset control) and one 5V output.

The power supply is fitted in a steel cage with mounting points to allow any of the following boards to be mounted:

  • APM800 addressable power supply monitor
  • FB800 fuse board with 15 x 24Vd.c. fused spurs
  • IOB800 input/output expansion board

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